Managed IT Solutions For Your Business

IT is fundamental to operating your business. We understand. By taking ownership of your information technology, we free you up to focus on managing your people, growing your business, and improving your bottom line.

Are you looking for IT Services or Solutions? Do you need help with a project? We can help!

Our core competency is Managed IT Services for SMB (Small-Medium Business), we have taken our previous career experience with Fortune 500 companies and brought the best practices to benefit you.

If you do not have an IT Staff we can help. If you have an IT Staff but need more hands on deck or someone with experience in a certain area to help design, implement, install and train your staff, we can help.

How are we different?

1. A lot of companies say it, but we actually do it, what is “it” you say? It’s excellent customer service. We try to make you feel like our only customer. When you are reaching out to us, we know you are busy and need an answer quick.

2. We don’t send junior technicians to service your account. You are getting seasoned professionals with over 15 years of experience showing up to your business. If you need a service call, we guarantee, your problem will be fixed by an expert.

3. Fixed Monthly Cost -With our Monthly Managed IT Services, you can easily budget for your IT, and know what to expect with no surprise costs to you.  With Monthly Managed IT Services, it is in our benefit to fix your problem quickly, efficiently and the first time.

Many of our best referrals come from companies that have tried using hourly technicians who can be difficult to get ahold of in an emergency, so, as a result they have to change their hourly IT “person” multiple times and their problems are still not resolved. This is difficult on you, there is a lot of time wasted in looking for a new technician, explaining to them what you need done, then waiting to see if it will get fixed correctly.

Lastly, there is some hesitation to call an hourly technician because you are never sure how much you will get billed and if the problem persists, you are stuck in a loop.

What types of businesses are candidates for Managed IT Services?

We can support any type of business. Our typical client that does not have an on-site full time IT employee is two to fifty employees. Our larger clients have up to 1800 employees who have an on-site IT employee and we help support them.

We get questions from doctors, lawyers, dentists, non-profits and financial firms who ask, “We have specialized software specific to our business can you support us?” Our answer is always yes!!  We are not software experts, we are IT experts and know how the two work together. If you have been the liaison between that specific software vendor and your business for upgrades and technical issues, we can take that burden from you. As long as you have current software support in place we can manage everything else.

The computers that run the software, the server sitting in a closet somewhere, your internet, your email, the phone system, all businesses need these core systems and we are experts at managing it all.



What Our Clients Say About Us

Types of Office Locations we Manage

We have clients of all types, sizes and needs. Let us give us some examples of how different they are and how we are able to give them the kind of service they need.

1. Located in South Florida – These are clients we can drive to and service ourselves 100%.
We have clients located in South Florida within driving distance of our office. Our office is in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County. We have clients as far north as Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County and as far south as Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County.

These clients typically have only one or two locations in Florida and prefer that we drive to their locations when needed.

2. Located in South Florida with offices around the country or globe – These are clients that sometimes requires a local person to help on-site, the clients choose to save money by not having a full-time IT person on-site at their remote office, and save the expense of us traveling to their location when someone there is capable of helping.

These are clients that may have one or more offices in South Florida that we can drive to within 1.5 hours and may have offices anywhere in North America, EMEA or Asia-Pac. Since we manage their corporate systems, we are easily able to manage any remote location with some minor help from a local person on-site. In times of an emergency problem, remotely, without internet access, we can talk anyone through the steps necessary and what to type on their computer to fix the problem.

3. Located Anywhere & Remotely Managed 100% – These are clients that do not need us on-site at all.
We have some clients that we manage 100% remotely and have never been to their locations. If we need on-site support we can use one of their employees, or if it is a complicated project we can find a local provider to get the job done. For example, someone needs a new electrical outlet for a printer and a network cable. We will coordinate this project for you, find a local reputable vendor, get your approval for costs and complete the job.

We do travel during the year to client locations when it is warranted. Although we find we we start discussing a project and the costs involved for the whole project, we can typically manage a project remotely.